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We are Manufacturer Of Electrical Insulators

Superior Stone Industries is the leading manufacturer of Other Line Insulators, Air Break switches, Porcelain Do Fuse, Isolators, Distribution Hardware, and Kit Kat Fuse in India.

The creative Superior Stone Industries team has used the Automatica machine to keep the sizing accurate and to keep your delivery on time. Thousands of semi-automatic molds have improved production and efficiency. All the products are reviewed twice before packing.

We have the leading technology in hot-dip galvanizing and we successfully control the temperature of the liquid. This way, all the galvanized pole line hardware surfaces are smooth and bright, with no ribs, no lumps, and no omissions.

Are You Looking For The Electrical Spares Products?

An engineering technology research centre for ultra- and UHV bushings that have passed the "laboratory certification" of the National Accreditation Service is located at Superior Stone Industries, along with testing facilities for insulators and high-voltage electrical products, a glass insulator engineering technology centre, and a centre for machinery industry machinery insulators. Oil-type, glass fibre, and glue-impregnated paper high-voltage capacitor bushings under the Raiden brand name are used in electrical engineering construction. In addition to being sold to more than 70 different nations and areas throughout the world, the items serve the home market.

Particularly, the insulators produced by Superior Stone Industries have been in production continuously since 1958, spanning more than 60 years. Over 100 million pieces have been sold collectively, covering half the nation and one-sixth of the entire planet. 24 UHV lines have already started using the items.


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In order to develop the greatest business relationships and corporate environments, Superior Stone Industries has a wealth of experience working with customers in a friendly setting. Most of the Electricity Boards, Electrical Utilities, and EPC Contractors that take on Turnkey Projects for Transmission, Distribution, and Sub Station are our customers.